Relax & Enjoy your Weekends

Relax and enjoy your weekends while your house cleaner cheerfully and thoroughly cleans your home from top to bottom. You'll love how easy and convenient it is to hand over all those dreary house cleaning chores to Part-time Cleaning Services. house cleaners who will love making your home sparkle.

Part Time Maid Cleaning Services
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Part Time Maid House Cleaning Services

Part Time Maid House Cleaning Services
Coming home to a clean kitchen, freshly vacuumed floors and well-kept bathrooms give us all a wonderful feeling. Part Time Maid is the most well-known, trusted name in home cleaning services. For 30 years we’ve performed house cleaning services according to the wishes of our clients.

Services Included
We clean bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, floors, sinks, toilets and more. We can clean any of the rooms in your home, just as you wish.

Cleaning Cost
The cost of your home cleaning depends on the size of your home and the type of service you choose. Contact your local Molly Maid for a free estimate.

Flexible Cleaning Plans
Weekly, every other week, monthly or one-time cleans – we will create the custom home cleaning plan that is just right for your schedule and your budget.

Special Event Cleaning
Whether you are hosting an upcoming social event, entertaining for the holidays, moving out or welcoming a new baby, we will get your home in tip-top shape.

Apartment Cleaning
We clean homes, apartments, condos, rentals, bungalows and abodes. Basically, we clean all types of residences. We’re available to renters for the deep cleaning required at the end of your lease to get your security deposit back.

Green Cleaning Services
Do you need house cleaning focused on allergen reduction? Do you prefer green cleaning techniques and products? Ask your Part Time Maid about our environmentally-friendly cleaning options.

To get started, simply call +6012-3770130 to us. There's never any obligation.

Part Time Maid Cleaning Services
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Cleaning services are often hired to clean your home once a week. Though cleaning services often charge based on your individual budget.

Often cleaning services tailor their work to your needs, but it always important to find a company that you can trust to spend several hours a week alone in your house.

When you find one though, it is a nice feeling to have something crossed off your chore list every week.